Roller Coaster Love Acoustic EP

by Laura Deneen

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    This is a 5 song acoustic EP

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released July 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Laura Deneen Nashville, Tennessee

New to the Nashville country music scene, with a voice that sounds like it's been here for years. If you don't forget to listen to her relatable lyrics, while being awed by the passion in her voice, you're going to be pleasantly charmed by a complete performer. With influences from Martina McBride to Adele, this 5 song acoustic EP is just a glimpse into the beginning of Laura Deneen as an artist. ... more

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Track Name: Roller Coaster Love
Why don’t we take a minute to review
I’m so confused by your games
But when friends ask, I always take your side

Your honesty is long overdue
I’m tired of the endless reasons
Don’t you realize we are on a crazy ride?

Your love is like a roller coaster
One minute you’re tellin’ me that I’m the one
The next day you say we’re done
When will you make up your mind?
It’s a shame I know your feelings won’t last
This looks like a repeat of the past

Now I’m wondering if anything you said was true?
There were miles between us
You said your heart was mine to hold
Here I am without a clue
Yesterday you broke the news
In one minute, you go from hot to cold…

These ups and downs, there and back arounds
Are gonna collide
I just want my feet planted on solid ground
Track Name: I'm Moving On
Those eyes, they caught me by surprise
Those words were the only things I heard
For the first time, my heart felt alive
But now, I can see it was all a lie

You thought I was naïve
You thought I wouldn’t see
That you were only teasing me

Cause baby I’m moving on
I’m done playing your games
You tore my heart, you broke it apart
I guess you had no shame
Won’t you look at me now
I’ve finally found my way
had your chance, but now that you’re gone
Baby I’m moving on

Looking back, I should have known
You would use me, then leave me all alone
Baby guess what, I finally figured it out
Those other girls, that you thought I knew nothin’ about

You thought I was naïve
You thought I wouldn’t see
How wrong you were to me

And now I see the regret on your face
But no, I’m not going back to that place
Track Name: Somebody's Forever
They’d been together seven years
But things had changed
How do you wipe away all the laughs, cries, and tears
She’d known she had to end it
They’d be fightin’ for a while
It’s like you’re stumblin’ through the mud and grit
Because the hardest part is knowin’ that

He’s gonna be Somebody’s Forever
This is me letting go
Realizing I can’t have his heart and soul
But now I know it’s all over
It’s gonna take a while for me to be whole

After several weeks had passed
She picked up the phone
The only one she wanted wasn’t hers anymore
She braced her arms on the stove
To reason with her heart
Keeping on tellin’ herself she’d made the right choice
Because the hardest part is knowing that

The memories, the photos, and the sound of little feet
Will be shared with someone else
No they won’t be mine to tell
Track Name: Poison
I see you walking to the front door
As I’m watching you through the window
By the look on your face, tonight has ended for me

I hear you fumbling with your keys
I’m the target of your arrow
After years of ups and downs, I know I just can’t leave

You are poison in my veins
I can feel you slowly killing every part of me
Then you whisper my name
And all the memories hit me like the raging sea
Even when I try to stay away
You’ve left a permanent stain
Cause you are poison in my veins

My friends hear about the good parts
Like how you buy me flowers
But I leave out, when you yelled so loud I cried

I could begin again so easily
If your hold on me wasn’t so strong
When you’re happy, the world seems so right